Information Centre of Parents and Friends of the Hard-of-Hearing

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Who We Are?

Guided tour for children translated into Czech sign languageWe are a civic association which associates parents, relatives, friends and experts dedicated to children with hearing impairment. For over 28 years, we have been advocates for the interests and rights of hearing-impaired children and their parents. Through many activities, we help families to overcome consequences of the loss of hearing of their deaf and hard-of-hearing children. We teach these children to assert themselves in the majority hearing society.

Our association is one of two successional organizations of The Federation of Parents and Friends of the Hearing-Impaired which was founded by parents in 1990. At the time, they needed to share experience as they were looking for ways to bring up and educate their children. The other successional organization is Centre for Children with Hearing Impairment Tamtam. Both organizations cooperate closely with each other and  together, they provide a complex of mutually interconnected social, informative and educational services for families with hearing-impaired children.

Since 1992, the Information Centre is a member of FEPEDA (European Federation of Parents of Hearing Impaired Children). We have participated in forming the Sign Language Act and the Social Services Act. We have won an award from the Government Bureau for Disabled Persons and the National Council of Disabled People. 

What We Do?

An unique library
  1. Information Centre on Deafness with a unique library

We operate a unique library with specialized bookstock focused on hearing impairment with more than 4300 volumes - the only one of its kind in the Czech Republic. It offers professional literature, magazines, theses, seminar works, DVDs, as well as fiction concerning various life stages of the hearing-impaired people. Many volumes are from abroad. Loaning is possible also by post


Garden Party for families, translated into Czech sign language2.  Cultural and educational activities

For families with hearing impaired children, we offer theatre performances, concerts or musicals (Maugli), guided workshops or tours in galeries and muzeums, or original program as part of the worlwide project Night with Andersen. Every event is simultaneously translated into Czech Sign Language.  


Specialized website on hearing loss 3.  Information website on hearing

We operate an informatiion website on hearing Apart from many articles and stories on different topics connected with hearing loss, there are also videos with professionals or about some services for families with hearing-impaired children. 


4.  Specialized magazine Children’s Hearing

In cooperation with the Centre for Children with Hearing Impairment Tamtam, we issue a specialized magazine Children’s Hearing (Dětský sluch). It brings professional opinions, parents´ experience, news from abroad, information on groups of people with hearing impairment and their needs, on sign language, etc. 
Some of the released topics were bilateral CI, prematurely born children, compensation devices, genetics, relationships in family, child care within specialized professionals, early diagnostics, early care.  
Specialized magazine Children´s Hearing Specialized magazine Children´s Hearing Specialized magazine Children´s Hearing  

5.  Production of books, CD-Rs and DVDs

We also publish books, CD-Rs and DVDs, which count over 70 titles so far. Let us name some of them: Great Illustrated Guide-Book of the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing to Their Own Destiny, It May not Be Any Problem to be Deaf, Silent Interviews, DVD Early Communication in Deaf Family or I Want to Communicate with You. 
Publikujeme_Dítě se SP v péči odborníků_titulka_am. Publikujeme_DVD_Chci_se_s_tebou_domluvit Pubikujeme_Byt_neslysici_nemusi_byt_problem Publikujeme_Nebojte se integrace Publikujeme_Nebojte se zakonu

6.  Selling the books

Apart from loaning the volumes, we also sell books from different publishers dedicated to hearing loss. Buying is possible also on-line.


The Bear - Sign with Tamtam7.  Mobile applications

In cooperation with the Centre for Children with Hearing Impairment Tamtam, we develop applications which help small children with hearing impairment, their parents and friends to learn sign language in an interactive, fun way. So far, three aplications have been released: Sign with Tamtam (Znakujte s Tamtamem), which is a Application The Bearvocabulary with nearly 1500 signs and sentences, Pairs - Sign with Tamtam (Pexeso – Znakujte s Tamtamem) and The Bear - Sign with Tamtam (Medvěd – Znakujte s Tamtamem). They run on mobile phones and tablets with Android and iOS (The Bear on tablets only) and are freely accessible at Google Play and App Store. The aplication Sign with Tamtam have won numerous awards, the most important being the Rafael from Vodafone Foundation in 2017. 
Application Pairs  - Sign with Tamtam  Applicaion Pairs - Sign with Tamtam      Application Sign with Tamtam Application Sign with Tamtam 

8.  Bulletin

Every month, we issue an Info-Bulletin about our activities and information on hearing impairment. It is distributed electronically to all members and involved people in the general public.


9.  Meetings, seminars, conferences and workshops

Our association organizes meetings, seminars, conferences and workshops, so that the parents, students and other interested people have possibility to interchange ideas and experience with each other as well as with professionals (audiologists, neonatologists, pediatricians...)