The Federation of Parents and Friends of the Hearing-Impaired (Federace rodičů a přátel sluchově postižených, o.s.) is a non-profit civic association with national reach, which associates the parents, relatives, friends and experts dedicated to children with hearing impairments. The Federation expresses and defends the interests of hearing-impaired children and their parents.

The foundation of the Federation and its programme was initiated by parents in 1990, with the main objective of making a positive impact on the educational and integration options of children with hearing impairments. Another objective was to improve awareness in this area and above all to allow children with hearing impairments to obtain equal and complete access to education and social life.

Since its foundation, the Federation has been the initiator of many positive changes in healthintervention, education and social services, and has become the founder of several private schools. The needs and requirements of families have changed and become more specific over the years, but were always a current reaction to the overall situation in society. The response to parents’ demands was the gradual professionalisation of the provided specialised services focussed on children and adults alike.


What services do we offer?

Our organisation offers comprehensive, mutually interlinked services that fully cover the needs of children with hearing impairments and their families from birth until 18 years of age. The core of the operated programme comprises registered social services, information and consulting services, educational and cultural awareness projects. These oriented activities are conducted through professional teams.



The Federation of Parents and Friends of the Hearing-Impaired is the foundation of the Bilingual Preschool for the Hearing-Impaired. The school provides services to children with hearing impairments, speech impediments, the unimpaired children of deaf parents and those who prefer a smaller collective. The school has its own educational programme focussed on the individual support of developing children and preparing them for integration into a normal children’s collective.


Who can use our services?

Basic services are provided free of charge and used by a wide range of individuals from the ranks of parents, family members, pedagogues, students and other experts, regardless of membership in the Federation.Services may be used periodically and over the long term, or non-recurringly.